Moselsteig Trail Stage 14: Reil – Zell (Moselle)

12.400 m
320 m
340 m
3:30 h
92 m
242 m

(Pavillion am Leofelsen)

'Cannon's Railway' and the Black Cat.

Leaving the half-timbered houses in Reil behind, the trail first follows the Cannon's Railway, a historical railway from a former era, and heads into the vineyards. Right at the very start of today's hike, your gaze is drawn to the attractive points of interest on the hike – the Prinzenkopf viewing tower and the Marienburg. You can also make out the route of the Moselsteig Trail itself from up here. A picture-book-perfect view of the extensive loop of the Moselle opens up to you once you have reached the viewing tower on the Prinzenkopf and the Marienburg. Although the Marienburg 'saddle' is only 400 metres wide, the Moselle takes over 14 kilometres to complete this loop. The trail continues onto Zell where you will undoubtedly have an opportunity to track down the secret of the Black Cat.


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The leg starts at the Reil railway station in the Kaiserstraße. The first meters of the Moselsteig Trail run on the same route as the Cannon Route (Kanonenbahn), across the railway station into a quiet residential road. This road leads to the outskirts of the village, and after you have crossed the tracks, you continue uphill through the vineyards. The path passes multiple railway crossings. At the Reiler Hals saddle, the Moselsteig Trail then reaches a chapel and a wayside cross at the car park. There are benches for you to rest a little, and the view of the Reil is well worth it! Downstream, you can already see many stopovers of today’s route, for example the viewing tower on the Prinzenkopf or the Marienburg.

The tour continues on a steep uphill path through the forest and to a hilltop, where the forest opens up and shows a beautiful view in direction Alfbach Valley (Alfbachtal). The path continues downhill, and on a wider path, the Moselsteig Trail now takes you through the diversified high forest on a relatively level path, and approaches the Leo Rock (Leo Felsen), which is only a few steps away from the main road. Here, you have a magnificent view towards the Moselle and the Alf from the pavilion on the rock. In the other direction, you will see the Alf Valley (Alftal) with its steep, forest-covered mountain tops. An access path leads to the Castle Arras (Burg Arras) which majestically sits on top of one of the mountains. At the edge of the forest, the path through the high forest takes you to the Driesch Hut (Drieschhütte). There are lots of seating areas here and you have one of the most beautiful views of the Marienburg. In summer, when the hut is open for business, it’s hard to leave this place.

However, the path offers even better views, which you will enjoy soon. The Kammweg quickly takes you to the Ehrenfriedhof (cemetery). From here, following an access path, you will reach Alf. The Moselsteig Trail now continues steeply uphill to the Prinzenkopf viewing tower. Don’t miss out climbing the tower, the view up here is truly breathtaking! Both arms of the Zeller Moselle loop are so close together, that you can see the Moselle from lots of different locations! The view spans Reil, Pünderich, Briedel up to Bullay, Alf, St. Aldegund and Neef. And towards Zell, the Marienburg majestically sits on the saddle covered in vines. The view up here is so beautiful that it is no surprise that the iron tower is not the first one here. There used to be wooden towers.

A path offering lots of stunning views now continues to the Marienburg. Here, a Moselsteig Trail access route branches off and leads steeply downhill to a ferry. Hop on the ferry if you would like to visit Pünderich which is on the opposite (please observe operating times). The Moselsteig Trail crosses the grounds of the Marienburg and changes into a path behind it. Here, you can also descend to Bullay. Towards Zell the path runs along the access road through the vineyards on the saddle between Marienburg and Barl. Then it ascends again - first moderately, and later quite steeply, through a small forest.

A diversified slope edge awaits you at the edge of the forest: to the right it is flanked mainly by vineyards and falls steeply down to the Moselle Valley, and to the left, there is a mainly low deciduous forest. Throughout, the view is simply magnificent! Above the Briedeler Herzchen vineyard you will notice the town on the other side of the Moselle. As soon as the Moselle comes closer to the path, you can reach Briedel via an access path (observe the operating hours of the ferry).

The Moselsteig Trail now continues through vineyards, also after you have crossed the access route to the town district of Barl. The descent to Zell and to the Moselle starts at a valley cleft. A path that runs straight through the vineyard takes you to the B 53. Carefully cross the B 53 and arrive at the cemetery at the Zell town district of Kaimt. Now continue further downhill on several steps to the pedestrian bridge. Cross the bridge (the only pedestrian bridge at the German Moselle!) and the Moselsteig Trail continues to Zell. Along the water promenade and a little bit upstream of the Moselle, you will reach the Zeller Schwarze Katz-Brunnen (Black Cat Fountain), which is also the end of this route.


  • Sturdy hiking footwear
  • Appropriate weatherproof hiking gear
  • Picnic lunch


Starting point: Reil, branch off the B 53 between Traben-Trarbach and Zell, cross the bridge, branch off the B 49 between Wittlich and Cochem then follow the L 105 to Reil

Destination: Zell (Moselle) via the B 53

Startpunkt der Tour

Reil: Railway station on Kaiserstraße

Zielpunkt der Tour

Zell (Moselle): Moselle riverbank by the 'Black Cat' fountain


Reil: There is only limited parking at the railway station but plenty of parking spaces along the riverbank.

Zell (Moselle): There are pay parking spaces along the Moselle promenade. There is free parking a little way downstream on a large open square directly adjacent to the Moselle riverbank.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Reil: Station on the Moselle Railway Line (Bullay – Traben-Trarbach), Bus line 333 (Bullay – Traben-Trarbach), bus stop on the B 53, approx. 0.6 km (from the starting point at the head of the bridge on the other side of the Moselle directly on the Moselsteig Trail)

Zell (Moselle): Bus line 333 (Bullay – Traben-Trarbach) and bus line 720 (Bullay - Zell), Lindenplatz stop (at the footbridge; the Moselsteig Trail leads over the footbridge), 0.2 km from the finish point

Tipp des Autors

The Briedeler Schweiz detour on the Moselsteig Trail starts at the ferry in Briedel and follows a circular route around the steep slope. Unique viewpoints with wonderful resting places, cultural and historical places of interest and ancient nature cannot fail to inspire you along the route. We would recommend this certified circular route particularly in summer, as large sections of it pass through shady woodland.

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